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The Secret to Successfully Mix and Match Everything You Wear


The meaning of ‘fashion’ and being fashionable is different, it all depends on peoples point of views of it, but looking good is not. And if ‘being stylish and looking great’ is something you want, it’s important to learn how to mix and match everything you wear. And let’s face it, matching colors can be hard if you’re constantly looking at the color wheel. So don’t do that.

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Instead, know that fashion is more about having fun and being playful, so much so that if you stop thinking about it too much, you’d be surprised at how everything starts to feel like child’s play! Mixing and matching usually starts with just one fashionable piece of clothing. Oh you know, it’s usually the one item you know you want to wear but have no idea what to wear it with.


  1. Duplicate the colors

The first things you have to do are look at your statement piece and carefully examine the colors on it. If your item has two different colors on it, just repeat one of the two. And even if your item has only one color on it, the rule is to duplicate the color. If your statement piece has a shade of blue on it, duplicate it with a light blue skirt. You can also add the same hue on your accessories like your belt, scarf, purse, leggings, and sunglasses. You can even be bold and add a few men’s accessories like a necktie or some cufflinks. (shameless cuff-daddy plug)And don’t even worry about the color being in different shades. Even if it’s a light blue blouse and you match it with a darker blue skirt, your ensemble will still look good. The only time you should be careful is if it’s a bold color. Bold colors easily highlight its self; if you match it with the same color hue, it will make you look like you dressed head to toe in it.




  1. Know your colors

You learned about colors at an early age, but when it comes to mixing and matching, it helps to look at colors from a different angle. In this case, you need to learn about creating a contrast. Adding a contrast in your wardrobe just means that you decided what your main color is and now you need to add another color. And one rule to picking that complimenting color is to make sure each color is equally noticeable. Once you’ve picked out your colors, make sure to add a neutral color to help blend everything together. Colors like grey, white, black, and brown give you the freedom to mix and match your way through every party, errand, and date. With this look, you can take your wardrobe to a whole new level with just three colors.


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